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Press Quotes:

"...eye-catching movement from a free spirit with a refreshing experimental style that is amusing and darkly resonant at the same time."


"Silvers's strong suit is the ability to convey an exciting emotional undercurrent beneath a cerebral formal structure."


" inventive experimentalist"


"...original, an inherent kinetic wit. "


"Playful and tender, serious as a study of movement permutations, the piece was refreshing and a compact gem."

Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times


 “Our favorite queen of the intelligent quirk.”


"...a sure, eccentric sense"


"...buoyant, expansive dancing by gifted dancers who negotiate the arbitrary, disordered fragments of movement with amazing abandon"


"Sally Silvers has an extraordinary eye and instinct."


"…fast-moving tableaux vivants of quirky pell-mell motion..."


"...delicious collage"


"..full of inspired physical non sequiturs and enjoyable nutty allusions, made clear by performers of remarkable intensity and cool."

"vividly imaginative"

Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times


“…one of the most beloved of downtown choreographers. The crucial eccentricity, is in the movement. “


" a dancer you want to watch forever."


"...witty, intelligent, open, willing to try anything"


"We think she's speaking to us about the human condition. But I don't care what she thinks, as long as she goes on dancing."

Joan Acocella, The New Yorker


"If dance is, as I see it, a distinct art of theater and not merely a display of movement in space, only Sally Silvers could make claims for being unconventional and different from the dance world's usual fare."


"She has the eye of a sensitive visual artist and the physical craft of a self-taught acrobat."

Robert Greskovic, The Wall Street Journal


"Silvers' work, is classical in tone and impact. At their most powerful, Silvers eccentric inventions create images with no ready outside reference. "


"She concocts things that you can see no way and no where else."

Robert Greskovic, Washington Dance Review


"...tantalizing and beguiling"


"The welter of impressions stings the brain."


"...a style that blends obstreperousness and precision"


"...a boil of witty, finely structured dancing..."


"Her solos are gems-smart, often poignant.  But her appetite for unusual moves unusually juxtaposed informs her group work as well.  Her fastidiously formal approach to her material creates a delicious tension with the strange goings-on."


"...strange, dark drama, kinky moves, fascinating dancing, lurid drama, complexity of vision"


"Silvers has a genius for the unexpected."


"Exciting to discover wild-woman art so rich in formal, even classical values."

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice


"wonderful, cutting-edge choreographer...don't ask, just go."

"In the hands of certain artists, choreography is still a magical craft.  Silvers and her platinum ensemble constitute a who's who of stars of the next century.  Buy this series and await revelation."

Elizabeth Zimmer, The Village Voice

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