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This ’s like writing with an ice pick 

Syncopation — time’s pelvic tilt

deciphered diapers

when am I gonna learn how to interrupt myself

No punctuation within one word

justificatory on radical thoughts — that’s structure

I’m ready to die for my thought unless I change my mind

i i Cummings

oh, go to sleep

oh poems, why do they try so hard?

you’re shitting clipboards

float rapid bizarre verité

where’s my brain recognition software?

phatic errand boy

Jesus didn’t write anything down; he points his feet when he’s on the cross

to have no talent is not enough; you gotta have an idea

Ezra quarter pounder

finishing my own thought was too loud

tomorrow ate my homework

subject position is the imitation of god

carbon dating melanin indicators

the gun is as handy as reading glasses

it doesn’t commit the social imagination to the abstract enough for me

when in doubt bring out an owl

need to know or need to neglect

waffle rhymes with orange squaffle

my drug habit is for sale

Did I write that out loud?

I’m sure my words chose themselves well

I brake for creativity

nyuk nyuk nyuk

bull’s eye for the crosshairs

all writing is prior

the gateway drug is boredom



cock of the stump

foreskin forte

projectile worry

you are organ farm for my first child, Passover

Cain killed disable

sassy creaminess

ah, forensic touching

tofu cock ring split — make it go

my liver’s baby muddy water

putt putt comb over

closure is little… fairy bites

burlesque name: what am I, chopped pussy?

the only way that guy is going to see a bikini is on his own diaper

my unconscious is not potty trained

words will become flesh

pulled mink sandwich

suepenis me

you go risk pregnancy & still enjoy sex

pre-nuptialed at birth

why me: the other dark meat

build a nipple and they will come

Jennifer Lopez’s ass, alas

Life is a wide dress

if you married outside your hyphen …

That advice part, good luck

smells like tongue to me

where’s my penis recognition software?

after I heard Jackie Wilson I didn’t need to go to church anymore

moving the Kleenex is cherry minus

underwear makes him feel guilty

I’ll retract my whip into my colostomy

clipping off ballpoints as your pasties

a freckled egg is sexy

put the soup in supermodel

you’re at the cottage cheese age

tits are never ahead of their time



money got a graduation cop

I believe in the right of Israel to co-exist

grocery store feet

world on demand

everyone’s non-white when it comes to the power structure

my coat of many colors all ass stained

vernac snack

where’s the closure in your work, bitch

learning is not proud

Rad v Trad

Polpotresses, electrocute your DNA

appropriation = barbell poetry

the people who earn an honest living now are all Mexican

live in bait

multi faceted ugly face this

Dalmatian America

poody puddy woulder is better than ghetto

creationism is racism

I’m upset, no one’s spying on me


Sofa Militant

where you park your slippers

Old Midnight Yeller Cowboy Killing a Mockingbird

How to have lines of flight without a trust fund

that’s what you mean, you’re mean

one upmanship turf accountant

it’s the Che chupacabre

finally, I’ll be able to employ people after I’m dead

knit me a sheep

white powerlessness

2 cheek nation

when you can feel your whole body moving you can pretty much be certain that it’s from black

the Bible would be a thin volume if it eliminated poverty

Yankee go home; U.S. out of the world



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